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Quick Wipes

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Shoe Cleaning Wipes Shoe Cleaners Travel Portable Sneakers Disposable Quick Cleaning Wet Wipes White Shoes Artifact 12pcs/bag


1. Do not use harsh chemicals that may damage fabric or skin when cleaning.
2. Comfortable wipes help keep shoes clean without darkening or drying out the leather.
3. They can be used in different colors of leather, they also help to clean the sides of the sole.
4. Not only for shoes: it also helps clean handbags, purses and leather briefcases. Restore your favorite sandals, leather jackets, bags, car seats, etc.
5. Quick, Easy and Disposable: Polishing shoes only takes a minute, does not require sanding, and does not cause confusion.
6. Lightweight and portable: can be placed in wallet, briefcase, office, car or home. Wipe the perfect trip.

Material: non-woven fabric, beeswax, palm wax surfactant, water, etc.

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